Book Reviews

Coming Soon: book review of How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm (How to Train Your Dragon Book 7), Cressida Cowell (Little, Brown, 2008)

About Reading

If I’ve heard one thing consistently from successful authors, it’s that good writers read. A lot. When I was a kid and had endless hours to goof off in the summer, I’d scurry off to the library and sign up for their summer read-a-thon. The librarians at Mentor Public Library, on good old Mentor Ave., outdid themselves each year with the themes, the construction-paper cut-outs they’d make and hang through the library. I liked nothing so much as taking a book home with me, parking myself beneath the mountain ash tree (when berries hadn’t yet fallen), and reading until supper.

I read voraciously, and my book collection grew. Mom and Dad, my brother and sister, aunts, cousins, they knew I loved books, books, books.

After graduate school, when I worked two jobs to pay off my debt, reading took a backseat to everything else. I’d read a book or two a year.

Now I’m finally making time for it. Each day, I try to read something for the fun of it, even if it isn’t a book. As I finish reading books, if I’ve read them fast enough to do a decent job of it, I’ll add book reviews here.

12/2016: Review of Tempest Rising by Tracy Deebs.

11/2o16:  Review of Ghost Talkers by Mary Robinette Kowal (Tor, 8/2016), now up. Find it here.