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Ride the GAP, the C&O Trail, or Even Both

The Chesapeake and Ohio Trail (C&O, also called CNO by some) is a dirt trail running from Washington, DC, to Cumberland, Maryland, covering 184.5 miles. It’s predominantly uphill, at a gentle grade. It’s a great ride for any bicyclist who … Continue reading

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Attracting and Feeding Hummingbirds

The bright red canna lilies growing alongside my house attract hummingbirds from the first bloom in late spring to the last one drops off in September. Those hungry hummingbirds belly up to the flower buffet arranged by hundreds of tiny … Continue reading

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The Promise of Seeds

Winter Tomato seeds spill to the newsprint. My cat’s ill-timed head-butt is his fourth attempt for attention, but I promise I’ll really play with him tomorrow. Two hours past my usual bedtime, all I’ve done is set up my workspace, … Continue reading

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