Middle Grade

Middle Grade Book Reviews

How to Ride a Dragon’s Storm (How to Train Your Dragon book 7), by Cressida Cowell (Little, Brown, June 2011). What happens when you are the smart (but scrawny) son of a Viking chieftain, and you jump into the water for the Intertribal Friendly Swimming Race and encounter Polar-Serpents, a nutty Viking who wants to sail to America, and captured Northern Wanderers? It’s an average month or two for Hiccup Haddock Horrendous the Third, adding another chapter to his dragon-infested memoir. Read my review here.

The Tiara Mystery, by Karen Meyer (Sable Creek Press, June, 2016. When you’re family’s about to be evicted from the only home you’ve known, and you board several other Dayton, Ohio residents, and things go missing at the same time, you’ve got too many troubles. Give them to God. That’s what Claire must learn to do, even as she and her twin, Reuben, work with Orville Wright both to catch a thief and to save Russell House. Read my review here.